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Introducing The Lightning Sites Google Site Template!

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Systems Make The World Go Round

Systems enable the automation of tasks, ensure consistency and standardise quality. Many businesses know the importance of creating systems; the problem is, they don’t have an effective way to store, organise and distribute these processes and they aren’t sure where to start.

Folders full of paper and reams of booklets, manuals and ‘staff handbooks’ are the hallmark of a business in need of a digital systemisation platform. The thing about that paper mountain is that it usually sits on shelves gathering dust instead of being used to increase productivity and make life easier. No sooner than you’ve printed and distributed a new manual then it needs to be updated and the whole process begins again. Reminding employees where they can find handbooks and guides is frustrating and endless when they have to sort through multiple copies of physical booklets. It’s hard enough when you’ve kept up to date with changes and revisions, let alone when you have multiple copies of various editions without knowing where to find what you need.

But most businesses don't systemise well

Traditional Operations Manuals Don’t Work

Let’s face it, the never-ending cycle of maintaining physical copies of operation manuals, systems or staff handbooks is a waste of time when they go out date almost instantly, needing to be reprinted and replaced individually. Even storing files electronically on a network or online drive is tenuous, with files easily lost, deleted or misplaced.

It’s clear that the traditional way of systemising businesses doesn’t work or, at best, is highly inefficient and ineffective. Even some apparently modern solutions are not the safest or easiest option.

The big question remains then, how do businesses safely, effectively and easily store their systems where they’re easily accessible to everyone, with different levels of access for varying staff positions?

Using printed manuals that can be stolen

The Traditional Method Is Also Dangerous

My business coach once told me the story about one of his clients who thought one of his new employees was really overperforming at work. For weeks he’d been staying back late after hours, ‘catching up on work.’ As it turned out, what he was actually doing was photocopying the operations manuals, systems, anything he could get his hands on. Within the space of a few months, he left the company and began his own rival business using the systems and operations that his former workplace had developed and put in place.

Your intellectual property needs to be stored safely. Not every system or procedure needs to be accessed by every person in your business. It’s clear that we need a better way to do things.

There's got to be a better way!

Imagine If You Had Something Like This…

What we need is something that:

  1. Could store all of our intellectual property in one location
  2. Could bring flowcharts, file storage, checklists, written systems and images into one platform
  3. Is completely mobile and can be accessed from every device
  4. Password protects all of our intellectual property
  5. Allows us to determine which staff members get access to which systems so that staff can only see the systems that are appropriate for them
  6. Can be edited quickly and instantly in one location
  7. Is easily searchable
  8. Is scalable and allows for rapid business growth

This is what would take your systems to a whole other level.

And, there is a better way.

This Would Take Our Systems To Another Level!

Imagine if, when an update needs to be made, it could be done quickly and easily and is immediately updated for everyone who needs it. What if everything was kept in one safe storage solution, accessible any time, any place, personalised to your business and with varying degrees of access authority for different staff positions.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but believe me, this product exists. I have been using it for the last five years growing two 6 figure marketing agencies that work with clients in over 13 countries. I’m ready to share my little secret with you, are you ready?

The Unicorn Exists

Introducing The Lightning Sites Google
Sites Template

Google Sites is an online collaboration platform and is one of modern businesses best kept secrets. It’s free to use with any Google or Google Apps account and provides the perfect platform to store all your systems and intellectual property. Businesses all over the world have been using Google Sites with massive success to build their systems, scale their business and manage the large volume of information and administration that needs to be shared with staff.

We'll hep you get over the first hurdle... Getting started!

Save Hundreds Of Hours And Stress Systemising Your Business By Using Our Done For You Template

You might be thinking that systemising your business sounds like a lot of work. You’re right, it is. We’ve been building our Google Site for years and on multiple occasions have had to rebuild it to get rid of unneeded systems, keep the design and layout consistent and to simply make the site more manageable. It is easy for the site to get messy, become full of unneeded or duplicate pages and to not know how to structure the site effectively, which is why we’ve done all the hard work for you!
We’ve spent years perfecting our own Google Site, figuring out the best way to structure the pages to make things easy to find and how we can maximise the capabilities of Google Sites. Our Google Site template will literally save you hundreds of hours and get you moving on probably the most important challenge you will face in your business: systemising it!

We know in business, often times it’s getting started that’s the challenge. Once you get over that first hurdle the rest seems to fall into place. Getting that initial start is everything and that’s exactly why we’ve put this template together to get you over that initial hurdle. Our template is completely editable and customisable so you can easily shape it to suit your own business.

What’s Included In The Template

Branded To Your Colours/Logo

Designed with your logo and colours, your new Google Site will be personalised to your business branding. That’s effective digital administration and good looks all in one tidy, useful platform.

Prebuilt Site Structure

Your new Site comes pre-built with a structure we’ve spent years perfecting. To get you past the initial confusion about ‘where to start’ and ‘how to set it out’, your new Google Site will come with pre-built pages to have you up and running in no time.

Systems Page Templates

Your new Google Site will come with page templates to allow you to quickly create new pages and maintain consistency within your systems. Maintain consistency and quickly learn the most effective ways to set out your site.

Real Life Demo Systems

Just in case you’re still looking for a bit of help using your new Google Site, we’ve included examples and demonstrations of systems and pages we’ve used to scale our own business from small startup to global WordPress website supplier.

Step By Step Google Sites Training Pages

Don’t worry if you’ve never used or even heard of Google Sites before. A helping hand is built directly into your new site so you and your team can learn how to master Google Sites using our training pages to get you from newbie to pro in no time at all.

No Ongoing Fees

There are NO ongoing costs for hosting or maintaining your Google Site. Once it’s set up, it’s done. Packed full of value with sample pages, training pages, examples and a pre-built structure to get you going, this is the most valuable package on the market.

If you have any pre-sale questions related to pricing please Contact Us or Book A Strategy Call

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There are huge benefits

A Well Built Google Site Has Huge Benefits

  1. Increases the speed at which you can adapt and grow your business with a platform that allows you to create and edit systems instantly and from one location.
  2. No more messing around with document programs, reprinting and redistributing physical copies of systems, saving you valuable time and money.
  3. No more wasted money on printed ink and paper documents, gathering dust on shelves and not being used effectively. You can go paperless.
  4. Maximises the usefulness of procedures, information and administration by having systems centralised, clearly set out, easily accessible and actually used by staff.
  5. Gives you peace of mind knowing your Intellectual Property is protected, and provides a safe platform to store your IP in one place.
  6. Provides an infinitely scalable knowledge base that empowers your staff to find answers to their own questions.
  7. Provides your business with a state of the art training platform that can be used to train and onboard future staff.
  8. Creates consistency in the delivery of your products and services.
  9. Gives you and your team complete mobility, able to access your systems from any device, anywhere, any time.
  10. Gives you the freedom of a business that can operate without you because procedures and information are easy to access and therefore can begin to be automated.
  11. Makes your business more attractive to investors and buyers as systems are safe, centralised, clear and accessible.
  12. Gives you the opportunity to franchise your business in the future because you will have the systems in place to replicate your business.

All payments are handled by our secure payment provider, Stripe.

Our promise to you

We're so confident that you’ll love our Google Site Template that we’re including a no-questions-asked guarantee.

If you’re not 100 percent positively satisfied and in love with your new Google Site then you need only send us an email within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund every cent! It took us YEARS to perfect the outline of our Google Site and today it can be yours with NO RISK whatsoever! Give it a try and if it’s not everything we’re promising… no dramas, no hassles, you get your money back!

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