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Great Branding Is At The Heart Of A Great Business

Have you ever had your heart ripped out? No, I’m not talking about that girl or guy at the high school dance – I’m talking about that sinking feeling when you know your branding isn’t representing your business well. In fact, it might be downright embarrassing you.

Ever feel embarrassed to hand out your business card or direct people to your website? Know deep down that your branding or logo doesn’t positively reflect your services, quality of work or company vision any more? The truth is, this one simple element could be holding your business back by tainting customer perception of you or alienating potential partners before you’ve had a chance to show them how awesome you really are.

If This Is You, Imagine This...

Your Brand Made Beautiful

With a stunning new logo design from Lightning Sites, you can be confident in the positive message your brand is sending to your customers and make sure they remember you. Set yourself apart from the rest (for all the right reasons!) and position yourself as an industry leader with a professional branding set that showcases how amazing your business really is.

The best branding enables you to communicate your company’s beliefs, values and ideas to the world and reach your ideal audience through visual communication. Do you need branding that demonstrates your traditional values and solid reputation? Your branding can reflect that and appeal to your chosen market without seeming old or stale. Do you need a logo that distinguishes you as evolving, cutting edge and modern? Having the right branding helps you reach the right audience – and it should look good doing so.

Your company logo should be...

Polished, Professional, Perfect

Don’t just be in the marketplace – own it! Much more than just a logo, your branding should be reflected consistently anytime and anywhere your business is represented – business cards, letterheads, social media banners and designs, flyers, banners, posters, vehicle decals – your Lightning Sites branding will come ready to go anywhere you are!

Poor design or inconsistent use of branding and colours negatively impacts your brand but the good news is, strong design and consistent branding can change your business instantly and you’re in the right place to find it! Our designers are ready to create your masterpiece no matter your industry, style, location or brief. No brand too big or too small, too difficult or too simple. The branding you need is a click away.

Here's how we can make it happen

Getting your new logo designed through Lightning Sites is as simple as 1,2,3!

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    1 - Tell Us What You Want

    Once you place your order, you simply fill in and submit your planning document. This tells us about your business and what you want so we can design a range of unique branding options perfect for YOU.

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    2- Review Concepts

    Within 7 business days you’ll receive your unique range of branding concepts. You can choose your favourite or you can make revisions. Either way, you’re almost there – your new branding is on its way.

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    3 - Receive A World Class Logo

    We’ll deliver your chosen logo and assign the copyright for the mark over to you. Your new logo comes print and online ready, to the exact specifications you require.

Logo package inclusions

Everything you need to show your business off to the world!

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Multiple Logo Concepts

Our talented team will design and deliver multiple branding concepts to you. You’ll be able to choose your favourites and narrow down the best until you get exactly what you want – the perfect branding for your business.

Copyright To A Unique Mark

All designs are original, one-of-a-kind marks created specifically for your brief. When you receive your concepts and choose ‘the one’ (we’re confident you’ll find it), all ownership rights are transferred to you.

All The File Types

Once you’ve chosen your stunning new logo design, you’ll receive all the file types you need ready to showcase YOU to the world – print ready, post ready, the lot. No hassle, just great design ready to go.

Fonts, Colours And Collateral

Your new fonts and colours will be chosen and delivered along with your new design. This ensures your branding can remain consistent whenever it is used. You will also receive all the print collateral, according to your package, ready to go.

Professional and Affordable

Having A World Class Brand Identity Doesn’t Have To Cost You The World

Logo + Package
  • Minimum 4 Logo Concepts
  • 2 Rounds Of Revisions
  • Brand Colour Selection
  • Color Codes (CMYK, RGB, HEX)
  • Brand Header Font
  • Brand Body Copy Font
  • Brand Script Font (If Applicable)

If you have any pre-sale questions related to pricing please Contact Us or Book A Strategy Call

All payments are handled by our secure payment provider, Stripe.

There Are Huge Benefits

The Huge Benefits of Well Designed Branding

  1. Increase customer loyalty as your brand is more memorable and stays front of mind
  2. Better public perception of your business
  3. Increase the value of your brand in the eyes of potential stakeholders or buyers
  4. Reflect your company’s beliefs and values before saying a word
  5. Build a strong brand identity in the mind of your target market
  6. More likely to find good quality business partners
  7. Establish a competitive edge in the marketplace
  8. Enhance your credibility as a reliable and consistent brand
  9. Can drastically increase the return on investment of marketing efforts
  10. Increases the trust both new and established customers place in your business, leading to ease of purchase for them and less restrictions in selling for you
  11. Easier to launch new products to your audience because of trust and credibility

All payments are handled by our secure payment provider, Stripe.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you’ll love your new logo that we’re including a no risk 30 day money back guarantee.

It sounds too good to be true right? While other designers are happy to take your money without standing behind the quality of their work we’re not. That’s why We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of payment on all branding projects. The only exception is for those projects that have entered into the concept refinement stage. This means that if you receive concepts back for your brief and you’re not 100% confident that you are going to get the results you want for your project you can contact us and we will refund you. But remember, if we refund your project, you are not legally entitled to use any of the designs we submitted to you as concepts.

Your burning brand FAQ’s answered.

Once you’ve chosen your final logo design you’ll receive all the files you need in order to use your new branding in print and online. You will receive the original, editable vector file (meaning you can use the logo at any size required for print or online) and image files ready for use online such as JPG or PNG.
You also receive complete legal ownership of your new logo, so the design is yours to use and own. Please note, you receive ownership of your chosen final logo only. Any other designs submitted to you as concepts during the design process belong to Lightning Sites.

In order to give our designers lots of room to explore your brand, you should submit any ideas you have to serve as inspiration. This includes other brands you love (and what you love about them), colours, details, images, icons, fonts, styles or any other ideas that will help us to understand what you’re looking for.

We do not copy other designs and all concepts submitted to you are original artwork. The ideas and suggestions you submit simply help us to understand your brand goals and the styles that we should work with.

Once you’ve gathered your ideas and placed an order you can supply those ideas to us through a simple document. The more ideas you give our designers, the better the logo they can create for you!

We’re here to help. Our Gold Package includes stationary items such as business card, letterhead, facebook banner and car decals and, if you need more than that let us know and we’ll customize a bundle just for you.

Yes, absolutely! If you have any specific ideas or images (like symbols or icons) that need to be included with your logo please submit them to our designers with your brief and we will be happy to incorporate those into your design.

If you have used all the alterations included in your package then you can purchase another round of alterations for $99.

All the work we provide to you is original artwork. We own the copyrights to all the concepts that we supply to you during the design process until you choose the logo you would like to finalise. Once the logo is finished we will transfer the rights of the artwork over to you. All other concepts not chosen by you remain the copyright of Lightning Sites.

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