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Customer Support is available Monday – Friday 9 am to 7 pm Brisbane time.
Submit your request using the button below. After hours support is available for website emergencies only. Please submit a request, mark as ‘Priority’ and we will attend to it as soon as we can.

How do I submit a customer support request?

We have lots of ways our customers can get help or lodge a request, including by phone, Live Chat, or by submitting a request online. For your convenience, you can submit your request by emailing us at help@lightningsites.com

Can I speak to someone on the phone?

Sure can! Call us +61 (07) 5613 1039 Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm Brisbane time (convert to my timezone)

Can I book a Zoom call?

Maybe you have multiple questions and need some facetime with one of our team. Book a call with one of our friendly Customer Care Champions here or to connect with a particular team member directly, or scroll down to meet the full Customer Champs  and book a call.

Can I chat with someone right now?

Yes! Our Live Chat operates Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm Brisbane, Australia time (Convert to my time zone)
Look for the Live Chat icon to the right of this page to start chatting now.  You can also access  Live Chat from Lightning Sites homepage.

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Find the answers to our most Frequently Asked Customer Support Questions here in our Lightning Sites Training Centre

Lightning Sites is an ongoing subscription-based service with different levels of monthly support available. To review your care plan term and inclusions please check out lightningsites.com/pricing or reach out to the team at help@lightningsites.com for more information.

We hold regular webinar tutorials on how to make simple edits to your website. Register to join us or access past recordings by visiting our lightningsites.com/events

When your website goes live, basic SEO has been performed on your site. This includes mobile and load speed optimization, setting up your meta tags, and ensuring it is discoverable by Google and other search engines. But there are many more actions that can be taken to ensure your traffic continues to grow.

Consider upgrading to our Concierge Package subscription to further optimize your website and keep your traffic growing.  To learn more about other SEO growth tactics, review Kody’s webinar “The Beginners Guide to SEO”. or visit the SEO section of our Lightning Sites Help Centre

Check out all our training docs in our Lightning Sites Help Centre.

Lightning Sites can assist you with graphic and logo design, google suite, copywriting services, email marketing and sales automation and more. Check out all of our services by viewing our ‘Other services’  here.

Refresh – Website design is constantly evolving that’s why we include a 24 month refresh for all of our customers. 25% of all the subscriptions you’ve paid go towards refreshing and updating your website. If you have been with us for 24 months and want to book your refresh visit lightningsites.com/refresh to learn more.

To update your credit card details or direct debit visit www.lightningsites.com/update-card

We are a subscription based service, committed to providing ongoing support for you and your team and your organisation’s website. View our Terms of Service here.

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